Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elf Complexion Perfection review.

This post will be a review on an Elf product called "Complexion Perfection" It's now listed on their site as their "Tone correcting powder" so I suppose they changed the name.
I bought this product from for 3 bucks a couple months ago, someone asked me to do a review on it then and I said I would but I wanted to try it for a while (I like to try out a product for a good long while to make sure I know exactly how good/bad it is)

On the Elf site the description claims that this product will
"Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. "
Now, I don't know about all that, it does a good job of taking any redness that's left over after foundation (yes you are supposed to use this AFTER foundation) but if you have concealed and used foundation there isn't 'usually' much redness left.
If you just use it on a clean face it doesn't do much of anything, but I will give it credit for one thing...
This baby sucks up oil like there is no tomorrow. I'm completely serious on this. I have combination skin, and have a hard time with oil control (especially in the summer) and this product does a pretty good job of making my face matte.
That is the main thing that I use this for, it doesn't do much for redness on me though, so if that's what you want this for I don't know how well it will work for you. (but then again, when it comes to face makeup it really depends on the person's skin)
One thing I do have to mention about this product is that it claims to have a 'brightening' effect on your skin, but if you are dark complected that can be a bad thing and it can start to give you a kind of 'ashy' look. I'm rather fair, so it doesn't have a bad effect on me.
  • I give this a 5 for neutralizing redness and whatnot
  • but I give it an 8 for oil control

(I love to use the Studio line powder brush, pictured above with this product or the Studio line kabuki. I am about to upload a review on the powder brush so stay tuned for that)

I forgot to mention that, no, the colors do not show up on your face. You're not going to walk outside with a giant pink smear on your cheek and a chunk of yellow on your forehead lol.
You either swirl your brush in all four colors and apply to where it's needed (which is what I do) or you can, if you want, apply each individual color corrector to problem areas.
I've done both and either way they don't show. =]
And also I'm still in the middle of tipping my brushes, the one in the picture needs a second coat. 
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