Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sailor Neptune

First of all, Excuse the clothes haha. I usually do makeup looks for facebook/luuux/my blog on lazy days and I was just wearing some knockarounds and to be honest I just don't feel like cropping it out haha. 

So I was a total Sailor Moon nerd when I was a kid and when I saw Cora (VintageOrTacky) on facebook did a series on youtube (it's an old series but I'm a new subscriber to her) I thought I might try to recreate her look and I think I did a pretty good job If I do say so myself lol

What do you guys think
I would tell ya'll how I did it but I'll just link ya'll to her video since she did a much better job and can explain better than me and I also think it would be easier to follow along on video
I didnt have some of the products she had (or any great dupes lol) so I worked with what I had and it turned out better than I thought
It just goes to show you that you can use what you have to create what those awesome youtube gurus can do (I'm not saying mine is as good as hers so don't like....stab me guys lol)
Cora's Video - Sailor Neptune

Makeup Facebook - ThePigmented

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-The Pigmented, "Where Makeup Meets Make-Believe"

Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is my first blog post and I thought I should say a little bit about myself. My name is Leann and I'm 20 years old. I was attending beauty school (yes "was", maybe that will be a post at a later date.) but not anymore.  

I have had an interest in makeup my entire life and because of that I spend countless hours watching makeup gurus on youtube, researching makeup, and practicing makeup on myself and others. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to makeup and take it very seriously. 

Some of my biggest inspirations are makeup gurus such as the following:

  • Petrilude - He was the first guru I watched and even though I already had an interest for makeup he fueled my already-building addiction. He is also the reason I became interested in special effects makeup 

  • Myeyeshadowisodd - She is my other reason for becoming interested in special effects makeup/full faced makeup. She continues to inspire me with everything she does. I think she should be so much more well known than she is. Seriously, check her out if you haven't before. She's amazing.
  • Kandee Johnson - Now, this girl fuels my more girly side of makeup. Everything she does is simply beautiful. From her Costume Makeup to her How-To's, she has taught me so much. On a side note, she is a great mother and I hope she and her kids have a great life. She's the type of person I wish I could be more like. 
Truth be told, there are too many to name. These are just my top three inspirations. 

Stay tuned for more blogs involving hair, makeup, how-to's, hauls, reviews, and much more.  
Oh! Can't forget nails. 

- ThePigmented "Where Makeup meets Make-Believe.